Lit Bilton Youth film plays on the big screen

The culmination of weeks of hard work and determination came to its climax at the everyman cinema in Harrogate in front of the Lord Mayor and professionals working with young people in the community. LIT BILTON showcases the talented thoughts and ideas of young people from Bilton. It is a film that sets out to defy the often negative stereotypes young people are labeled with.

IMG_3419The screening was a huge success and was followed by a Q&A with the stars who wrote and featured in the movie.

IMG_3430The young people were offered the opportunity to share their film with ministers at the house of parliament to highlight and share the messages the film carries with people of influence.


Lit Bilton was a collaboration between NCOP, Bilton Youth Club and Inspired Youth. See their film here:

Lost In Translation Film (LIT Bilton)

NCOP FutureHY, Inspired Youth, My Neighbourhoods and Bilton Youth Club invite you watch our coproduced film “Lost In Translation” celebrating the young people of Bilton and exploring their ideas, perspectives and future ambitions.

Artistically captured by Inspired Youth and co-produced, with young people Lost in Translation (LIT) Bilton is a powerful short film about raising aspirations, challenging stereotypes and the importance of community engagement.

Final Narratives – LIT Bilton


We wanted to make a film about young people and how the world sees us. Young people are seen as hooligans. We are not always accepted for who we are, sometimes we are isolated and dismissed as trouble makers. The way we see ourselves is happy free, talented and very expressive. Young people want to be accepted in society. We are creative, we have talents and we are hopeful.


We wanted to make a short film that gives people the help they need and change how young people are seen. We are not animals who hunt for things, we are humans who take care of others. We would go to the cenotaph to remember those who risked their lives for us to live or to be on this world and have the things we have now.

Young people are insecure because they are judged by the negative problems in this world, stabbing, guns, assaults. Young people want a happy life so we can grow up to do the things we want to do and be who we want to be.

Young people need help around the community. Give young people support if they are upset or down or need to talk about their feelings. We have dreams about what we want to achieve like doing well in our GCSE’s and going to college.

Give the homeless food and water and some supplies for winter.

IMG_2391IMG_2415Matthew J

We wanted to make a short film that tells people that we’re not just troublemakers or difficult but that we are capable of a lot more than people think. Young people are not troublemakers, we’re not scary, we are not difficult to look after, and we are not useless or weak. Young people want to be understood and treated equally, we are useful, we can be cooperate, we are expressive and passionate about our feelings. Young people need to be treated with respect to be understood by others. Give young people more chances to learn. If you listen to young people you will learn to understand them more.

In today’s session we have been writing a narrative about what people think of young people and we have also identified what young people think of ourselves.


We wanted to make a short film to show that young people have dreams and talents and their own skills and ambitions we want to achieve. Others in the outside world see us as trouble makers and a bad influence. I am not a negative or judging person. I am caring and keen to learn to create myself a positive future. We are not social media pressure. Young people are not weird. Young people are sometimes shy, and we loose confidence because of how people treat us. Young people want their dreams to come true. Young people need to feel accepted. If young people get the help and support, we need we can gain our confidence back. Give young people your support and make them feel included.

For this project we have been put into groups to work together as a team to influence young people to get out and about and to make us feel included in the community. I am looking forward to the film because I am featured doing my favourite sport and I will get to have my own say. I hope this film helps young people feel more included and have more confidence.


We wanted to make a short film that portrayed young people to be better than what the older generations think of us. They think we’re trouble makers and enjoy it. In reality, we’re misunderstood and blamed for a lot of things we don’t even do. We’re still humans, and even adults do bad things like drugs and alcohol. Even if a teenager does get arrested, it’s just that one teenager out of hundreds of thousands. We’re all innocent.

Young people are not hooligans. We will not be dismissed from getting help.

We are not useless or weaker

We are not accepted for who we are.

Young people are passionate about what we do.

We want TO BE HEARD.

We need HELP.

If we were given a voice, if people acknowledged us, if people didn’t negatively view us, then maybe some young people wouldn’t turn to crime! Even adults were kids once. GIVE YOUNG PEOPLE A VOICE!!! We want YOU to HELP US. Please.


Lit Bilton – Writing the narrative

The crew came together again to recap on the themes they had highlighted in previous sessions. The aim of the session was for the group to create a narrative which could be recorded and used as a voice over for their Lost In Translation film.


We used discussion points from previous sessions to inspire the words and each young person wrote their own piece of narrative. The themes explored how sometimes society (and the media in particular) often fuel negative youth stereotypes – putting limiting beliefs on young people who have skills, ambitions, passions and aspirations.

IMG_2398Their writing would be combined to create a shared experience of the groups perspectives and would mean every person involved would contribute lines to the final piece.

Meet Dylan

Hi my name is Dylan I am 13. I like films and TV, gaming and animation. I am good at ICT and animating. I would really like to go to New York City and I would like to be a YouTuber. I am happy, thoughtful, friendly kind and happy.

Community projects are important because people don’t see the real opinion of young people in the real world. Projects like these help you to be yourself.

Ive been involved in lots of community projects including a Lightwater Valley trip, trips to York University and the Fire Station.

I think they encourage young people to get involved who might not get involved in school. Workers in Bilton are very important because they understand me and are very nice, they don’t judge. Projects have helped me be more thoughtful and learn more about university.

My message to the world is don’t think because you see a person and they appear rough that this means they are bad. Rough people can be nice people.


Perceptions of Young People Group 2

img_2349Once they had completed their introductions for the website, the second group also agreed on a way of working together using the ‘contract of respect‘. The contract is written by the group together to include everyones thoughts and ideas about boundaries and rules. Once we had agreed everyone signed the contract to agree to to what had been written. Here’s what group 2 came up with:

  • Be open
  • Be positive
  • Open minded
  • No judging
  • Accepting of each other
  • Enjoy
  • Respect
  • Encourage
  • Listen when someone is speaking

Next group 2 started to explore perceptions of young people versus how young people saw themselves. Here are their reflections:

img_2326How the world views young people:

  • Negative
  • Trouble Makers
  • Judged for how you look and dress
  • Stigma’s
  • Social Media pressure
  • No confidence
  • As bad influences
  • Weird
  • Under pressure


How the young people see themselves:

  • Caring
  • Expressive
  • Keen to learn
  • Ambitious
  • Want to feel accepted
  • Inquisitive
  • Losing confidence
  • Selfless
  • Shy
  • We all have dreams
  • We all have talents
  • We all have our own skills

The group will now use these themes to create their own piece of writing about who young people really are, their dreams and aspirations. The film will aim to present young people in a positive way and tackle stigma and prejudice.img_2370

Meet Elise

Hi my name is Elise and I am 15 years old. I am a kind and caring person. I love being on my phone and I like listening to music in my room.

My favourite subject at school is Science because I like to learn new things and skills. When I am older I would like to become a Doctor.

Community projects are good because you meet new people and it helps more people out. It helps cause less trouble on the streets. Ive been involved in the youth club community arts project.

Young people prefer to get involved in things outside school because they think they might have a better chance of speaking.

Youth workers are really important because there might be things you want to say but don’t feel able to tell anyone else.

These projects are educational because you learn new things you might not have learned otherwise.

My message to the world is stay strong and compliment people with positive words so they can feel good.


Meet Molly

Hi I am Molly, I like meeting my friends in town and in school. I like listening to music and I love One Direction.

I think community projects are important because young people get involved and can show off their good work. Young people who might not like school can get involved in these projects because they are fun.

I think projects like these are important because older people can see for themselves we are not trouble makers. Community projects are also educational because young people can learn new skills.

My message to the world is don’t judge us!

Meet Carmen

Hi I am Carmen, I am 13. I love dogs, I am very loud, I am caring and understanding. I am mainly on my phone and love staying in bed doing ‘nowt‘. I like being lazy and don’t really go out unless I’m with my friends. I like art and food technology.

I want to be a Vet when I am older. I would love to go visit loads of places in the world especially a hot island. I like the artist Post Malone and ‘Lucid Dreams’.

Community projects are important because we get to learn more things about people and make new friends. I’ve been involved in a local community project and it was really ffun and interesting. It was an arts project.

People who have trouble with school might not get involved with things there but when they come to a youth club it could help them to take part in things and then they might take part more at school.

The people who work in youth clubs are very helpful because they make sure you take part in something you might like. They are good to talk to about problems young people might have at school or at home.

These projects are educational because you can learn something about a person or a place. My message is iff you are getting judged you should definitely tell someone because it can help you a lot and help you get sorted. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about the fact you’re being judged because you are not alone!

Meet Nicola

My name is Nicola my favourite sport is football. I like to help people a lot and I put others first.

At school I am very loud and I like being with family and friends. I also like One Direction. I support Manchester United. When I am older I want to be a professional footballer.

My favourite season is Christmas because you see family that you don’t normally see. My favourite subjects at school are art history and P.E.

Community projects are important because you get to have your say and you can meet new people with similar abilities. It also keeps young people out of trouble.

I am involved in Lost In Translation – Bilton because they make you feel more confident and included.

Community and youth workers are important because its good to have someone to talk to other than your family and friends because they might not always understand. At school you might just talk about the basics and not going into detail.

My message is that everyone has a story and don’t judge a book by its cover.